Tracie’s Story: Networking Rock Star

I had this pair of ruby slippers with no idea what to do with them. I was a recent college graduate with many years of experience behind me, a good personality, and a strong desire to help my company grow and prosper. I needed a sustainable career environment, which is what I knew I was lacking.

Every day at my previous job, I faced perceptual lions, tigers and bears.

I interviewed two other coaches before coming across Wendy’s website. I wanted to Rock My Career! After speaking with Wendy for a sum total of two minutes, I came to my conclusion. “I will hire this woman and she will help me.”

After two weeks, and Wendy’s enthusiastic encouragement, I started reaching out to my network. After getting excellent leads from that network and more coaching on interview tactics, I was offered a position at a company I specifically targeted at 23% over my current wage and had a clear path down my yellow brick road.

That’s the key. To get the most, the best, from Wendy’s vast experience and exuberance, you have to internalize the information and recreate your definitions of work, networking, connections, even LinkedIn profiles. It’s a paradigm shift that’s downright fun.

In short, I created a functional and sustainable definition of who I am, what I’m capable of and how my life could be so much more than I imagined.

I am not at my final stop in my career journey, I am at the beginning. Thank you Wendy for starting me on the path to the Emerald City. I will follow my dreams without succumbing to irrational fears and act with the intelligence and sagacity that will make me a force to be reckoned with in my career.

I will rock my life!

Ready to rock your career like Tracie? Let’s schedule your strategy session where we’ll discuss your career, goals, and next steps. I look forward to working with you!

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