Rock Your Network®:
How to Rebuild Your Network in 5 Minutes a Day Online and Off

by Networking Coach Wendy Terwelp

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know that gets you hired. We’ve all heard this phrase so many times our ears are bleeding, right? Here are the facts: more than 70 percent of people land new careers through networking.

Got no time? Who says networking has to be a two-hour lunch meeting? Here’s a secret, you can rebuild your network using just five minutes a day!

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Rock Your Network for Job Seekers

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Here’s what to expect

Chapters filled with real world solutions
“I’ve got to tell you my biggest take away. It’s from Chapter 2. I never have any time, but I realized I can easily do that in less than five minutes. I was always great at making contacts, but not so great at maintaining them. Now I can. Thanks!”

Update:” James landed a new gig, and his boss, who admired James’ networking skills, pays for his Rotary membership! ”

—James Z., Director of Operations

Looking for a job? Reconnect with your network and help them succeed. If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want. Check out Bob’s story on page 42!

Currently employed? Build an internal network to help you snag your next promotion. Learn how Steve snagged his gigs and promotions by staying in touch on page 65.

Proven-to-work strategies
Rock Your Network® for Job Seekers is a play book for job seekers of all levels. The tips on building your network are invaluable in this high tech high touch world where time is scarce – and where many rely on automation instead of personal connection to get their message out. Useful, helpful and most importantly doable.
—Phil Gerbyshak, Author: “#TwitterWorks”

“I’m about 1/3 through your new book and wow! Not just great information, but information presented greatly! I will be recommending your book to all my outplacement clients.
—George Blomgren, Recruiting Solutions Director, The Good Jobs

This book is based on my Rock Your Network® workshops taught nationwide to thousands of people and it is proven to work. I’ve not only given you all the tools provided in my workshop, but added even more and updated everything!

Fast and easy-to-use networking tools
“I have taken your advice and have been networking like a mad woman! [Since the conference in Cape Cod] I have had a website made and am actively pursuing media ventures. I have a personal brand in the making and cannot wait to see what the next chapter brings.

Your presentation got me out of my shell (which was not an easy task) and into the realm of networking. I cannot thank you enough. “
—Gretchen Phillips, M.D., America’s Family Doctor,
Guest on the Dr. Oz Show

This book teaches you what Dr. Gretchen learned in my presentation—and more! After reading this book you will know how to rebuild your network in five minutes a day!

Here’s what you get:
The Rock Your Network® for Job Seekers book contains absolutely everything you need to network, including:

  • Advice on when, where, and how to network effectively
  • Tips for finding the right groups and how to avoid the wrong crowd (Chapter 8)
  • Scripts to help you communicate your value with confidence and ease (Chapter 5)
  • 15 ways to reconnect, including tools to identify who’s in your network right now and who should be
  • 7 fast and easy ways to follow up with your network, including social networking tips
  • Tips to keep your network alive online and off (Chapter 12)
  • Template to create your own rock star profile for easy online networking (Page 108)
  • Action items in each chapter to apply what you learn immediately
  • The ONE SECRET that ensures your network is there for you when you need it

As an introvert (and somewhat hesitant networker), Wendy’s rules have worked for me! I’ve used her open-ended questions to get comfortable, candid conversations going that have created the foundation for new business wins. Thanks, Wendy!
—Susan Whitcomb, Author of Job Search Magic (JIST) and CEO of The Academies, Inc. for career coach training

A lot of people say they’re networking experts. Wendy Terwelp is the only networking expert whose clients achieve results. Real results for real people. Read her book.
—Murray Mann, Principal, Global Diversity Solutions Group

To create more career possibilities and business opportunities, start using Wendy Terwelp’s “Rock Your Network” strategies now. You’ll see immediate results.

—Jill Konrath, Author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

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