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The Secret Sauce
to Attract and Retain Talent

Candidates value an employee’s online presence over paid ads and other promotional efforts. And 96% of talent pros say the employee experience is becoming more important due to COVID. Therefore, it’s important you and your teams showcase the work and the workplace using social media platforms like LinkedIn. To stand out in a crowded market and attract top talent, online personal branding and networking are a vital part of doing business.

Attendees will get practical solutions and see real-world examples during this interactive program. They’ll also walk away with a preliminary brand plan.

Stand Out! Leverage Your Personal Brand to Rock Your Career

Every person has a brand, whether by default or by design; when people take control of their brands, they advance their careers. In this highly interactive program, Wendy will share her tips, tricks, and strategies to help your team members harness the power of their personal brands to gain valuable skills to attract the right clients, candidates and opportunities for you and your organization. When employees own their careers, everyone wins.

Your employees will discover:

  • How to communicate their value and brand in terms decision makers love so they can advance their careers and fill talent gaps within your organization….
  • How others perceive their brand through an interactive exercise so they’re able to take actionable strategies back to work with them…
  • How to stand out from the crowd the right way to advance their career and be the rock star you need

Note: This program is highly interactive. Attendees are expected to move, brainstorm, and take action. This course has also been approved for continuing education credit by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council.

Rock Your Network®

Rebuild Your Network in 5 Minutes a Day Online or Off

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. That includes people in other departments, people on international teams, clients, prospects, and colleagues. Smashing silos, creating collaborative workplaces, and building professional business relationships is the No. 1 way to net results.

In this session, your employees will discover:

  • The easy 3-step networking system that anybody – Gen X, Millennial, Boomer, Introvert or Extrovert – can use to meet new contacts and clients…
  • What to do to network with the ease and confidence that will get them noticed and connected…
  • How to develop a solid networking plan that will give them new connections and build business relationships long after the session to take their careers to the next level…

LinkedIn Networking for Busy Professionals


Are your employees and sales teams super busy? No time to network? Have you been wondering why LinkedIn is important for your company’s brand? Yes? Then this program is for you! Have your team bring their tablets, laptops, or smartphones to this interactive session, where they will discover:

  • how to use LinkedIn’s cool tools to boost online visibility and rise to the top in LinkedIn searches for your business niche
  • how to invite the right people to their LinkedIn network, and what to do about those invitations from people they don’t know
  • how to choose the right groups and what to do when joining – including the secret way to reach members
  • how to get recommendations that rock
  • how to make their networks thrive using just 5 minutes a day!

    Wendy Terwelp, named “LinkedIn Guru” by the Washington Post and author of Rock Your Network®, will show you how to use this popular professional networking site to your advantage.

(Note: WI-FI access is required for this presentation when delivered in person. Program also available for virtual delivery.)

Wendy’s workshop on personal branding changed my life!

Wendy’s workshop on personal branding changed my life! The practical advice and real-world examples she shared inspired me to update my LinkedIn profile. Within the year, I landed a leadership position at one of the fastest-growing universities in NC. Today, I have over 800 connections on LinkedIn. I strongly recommend Wendy. You will not be disappointed!”
—Alyson E., Head of Learning & Organizational Development

Workplace Belonging: Smash Silos and
Build Bridges

“That’s not my job.” “Our department’s always done it this way.” Sound familiar? You’ve encountered the Silo Effect. Silos cause project delays, mistrust, and toxic work environments. In this interactive program, you’ll learn the top causes of the Silo Effect along with Silo-Smashing Solutions you can apply in the session and on the job. Includes practical, real-world solutions from leaders in diverse industries.

After this session, your attendees will:

  • Smash silos using a 3-step framework that creates connection, communication, and collaboration among leaders and employees across functions, departments, and business units to get things done.
  • Apply strategic vision, focus, clear language, and consistent communication to complete projects faster.
  • Create an action plan to enhance business relationships online and off using voice-to-voice, face-to-face, and tech-driven solutions.

interactive program with Wendy Terwelp and students

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She really made me think about what I want!

“Wendy’s workshop provided an opportunity to step back and think about what we want our careers to be and provided realistic suggestions for realizing those career goals. Additionally, it was an opportunity to interact with others who may be outside of our day-to-day routines in a meaningful and rewarding way.”
—Roche Sequencing Solutions